• Medição de Oxigênio residual


    Prolongue a vida útil de seus produtos através do controle atmosfera modificada em suas embalagens. Adquira um equipamento com tecnologia alemã e assistência técnica no Brasil, além de poder contar com peças de reposição.O medidor de O² residual em embalagens é um produto portátil e pode ser utilizado com facilidade, mesmo por pessoas sem treinamento técnico específico. Além disso, podem ser utilizados durante o processo, disponibilizando os resultados em cerca de 20 segundos, em uma pequena amostra do alimento.

    A MAP permite que o frescor, a aparência, os nutrientes e a textura do alimento embalado tenham alta qualidade. Além de estender o prazo para que seja consumido, sem acrescentar qualquer conservante ou outros químicos para preservá-lo por mais tempo.

  • Medidor de carbon monoxide

    CO-measuring device with alarm


    • 3 display units selectable (ppm, mg m³ and% CO Hb /)
    • Alert at exceeding the maximum concentration at work (MAK / AGW)
    • incl. interface
    • incl. calibration protocol


    Carbon monoxide (CO) is created by the combustion of carbon. DEPENDING on the effectiveness of the combustion (oxygen supply) and the temperature of the combustion more or less CO gas is created. The gas is inflammable and highly toxic. It is invisible, tasteless and scentless. 
    Even smallest Concentrations are dangerous for humans! 
    THEREFORE a directive exists in Germany, Which limits the maximum concentration of CO gas at work (MAK / AGW) to 30 ppm.


    • Control of the air quality (eg at work place)
    • Checking of heating systems, gas central-heating, fireplace
    • Control of the air at maintenance work (tunnel, flue gas tract, …)
    • Detection of CO in the breath of smoker (% CO Hb)
    • Cognition of CO poisoning ie at burnt offering (fire fighters, …)


    Measuring principle:
    electrochemical CO measuring cell 
    measuring range:
    0 … 1000 ppm CO concentration 
    display ranges:
    0 … 1000 ppm CO concentration 
    0 … 1250 mg / m³ CO concentration 
    0 … 60.0% CO Hb (estimation via exhaled breath gas) 
    1 ppm, 1 mg / m³ or 0.1% CO Hb 
    sensor element:
    integrated in device, measuring inlet at front plate, with inner thread for accessories screw in 
    Life time:
    > 5 years at proper usage at air suggested test interval: every 6 months (DEPENDING oN precision requirements) 
    Accuracy: (at range 0 … 500 ppm) 
    <± 5% of measured value ± 1 digit 
    <± 5% of measured value ± 1 digit 
    Scope of supply:
    Device, battery, calibration protocol, manual

  • Medidor de condutividade

    Precise wide-range measuring device for conductivity of up to 100 mS / cm, incl. Graphite measuring cell


    • Modern and functional housing
    • Outstanding price / performance ratio
    • 3-line display / overhead display at the push of a button
    • Backlighting
    • Waterproof (IP67)
    • Durable, long life battery
    • High-quality measuring cell for resisting range of application included
    • rapid measurement detection


    The primary focus in the development of the new GMH 1000 series which place on the essential functions of the measurement technology. Pure measurement with a focus on precision, speed and reliability packaged in a compact housing distinguish an impressive price / performance ratio, Made in Germany. The new handheld measuring devices so impress With Their ergonomic design, dust and water-protected design in accor dance with IP 65/67 and the illuminated display.The compact conductivity measuring device as a G 1410 is a precise and durable wide-range measuring cell for universal use from DI water to salt water.


    Freshwater and saltwater aquarium, reverse osmosis and similar filters, cleaning processes, cooling / lubricating processes, plans cultivation and agriculture; laboratories, quality assurance, service


    Wide-range measuring device, including graphite measuring cell. 
    Conductivity, salinity, TDS 
    Measuring range:
    With automatic measuring range shifting 
    0 … 2000 S / cm 
    00:00 … 20.00 mS / cm 
    0.0 … 100.0 mS / cm 
    0 … 2000 mg / l 
    Salinity (PSU):
    0.0 … 50.0 g / kg water 
    -5.0 … +105.0 ° C 
    ± 0.5% of mv ± 0.5% FS  
    Temperature : 
    ± 0.3 ° C 
    Measuring cell: 
    2-pole measuring cell, Ø 12 mm (graphite), cable 1.2 m 

  • Medidor de oxigênio dissolvido

    Oxygen measuring device incl. Oxygen electrode, with 4 m cable


    • Automatic air pressure compensation
    • salinity correction
    • Simple calibration in atmospheric air


    Measuring range: (device) 
    2 -concentration:
    0.00 … 70.00 mg / l (ppm) (resolution selectable) 
    2 -saturation:
    0.0 … 600.0% O 2 (resolution selectable) 
    0.0 … 50.0 C. 
    10 … 1200 hPa abs. 
    Accuracy: (at nominal temperature = 25 ° C) 
    Oxygen : 
    ± 1.5% of mv ± 0.2 mg / l (0 … 25 mg / l) or 
    ± 2.5% of mv ± 0.3 mg / l (25 … 70 mg / l) 
    ± 0.1 ° C ± 1 digit 
    ± 0.5% FS ± 1 digit 
    ± 3 hPa or 0.1% of mv 
    ± 2 hPa (750 … 1100 hPa) 
    sensor connection:
    6-pin screened Mini-DIN socket 
    Active membrane type. 
    Electrode-Ø front:
    approx. 12 mm, overall length: approx. 220 mm, anti buckling glanding, neck collar: Ø approx. 20 mm, 4 m connection cable with mini DIN plug 
    Response time:
    95% in 10 s, depends on temperature 
    Operation life:
    approx. 3 years, depends on maintenance 
    Working temperature:
    0 … + 40 ° C 
    Working pressure:
    max. 3 bar 
    operating pressure sensor GWO 3600 max. 3000 hPa rel. or 4000 hPa pay attention to abs.! 
    Flow rate:
    min. 30 cm / s 
    Scope of supply:
    . Device incl electrode, GWOK01 and KOH electrolyte, battery, manual


  • Medidor de pressão

    Hand-held pressure measuring device with 1 sensor connection, without sensor


    • One device for any measuring range (2,500 mbar … 1000 bar)
    • Calibrated and fully interchangeable pressure probes


    Max display range.
    -19999 … +19999 digit 
    Measuring range:
    CORRESPONDING used to probe 
    CORRESPONDING used to probe 
    CORRESPONDING used to probe 
    Accuracy: (device)
    ± 0.1% FS ± 1 digit (at nominal temperature = 25 ° C) 
    Pressure units:
    mbar, bar, Pa, kPa, MPa, mmHg, PSI, mH 2 O, can be selected 
    sample connection:
    1 sensor socket 
    6-pin mini-DIN lockable socket (s) for GMSD / MSD sensor. Automatic probe detection and setting of measuring range upon plugging in of probe. 
    Scope of supply:
    Device, battery, calibration protocol, manual

  • Medidor de som

    Sound level meter


    Compensating the background level for the specific measurement of noise sources in the foreground. Weighting of the sound level via two filter according to IEC standard. Determining the maximum and minimum value over a measurement period.


    Measuring Range:
    30 … 130 dB (6 portions) 
    30 … 80, 40 … 90, 50 … 100, 60 … 110, 70 … 120, 80 … 130 dB 
    manual range or automatic 
    0.1 dB 
    ± 1.5 dB 
    device with analog output, battery case, instructions

  • Medidor de Umidade de Materiais

    Resistive material-moisture measuring device with integrated measuring pins


    • 494 characteristic curves
    • incl. calibration protocol


    The measuring pins integrated on the reinforced front Numerous measurings can be done without additional accessories. 
    For measuring of very hard materials we suggest the components shown at the accessories section.


    Measuring principle 
    resistive material-moisturemeasuring gemäß to DIN EN 13183-2: 2002 
    Temperature internal:
    494 material characteristics 
    Measuring range 
    0.0 … 100.0% moisture content 
    0.0 … 50.0% water content (DEPENDING ON characteristic curve) 
    -25.0 … +50.0 ° C (-13.0 … +122.0 ° F) 
    in 9 steps (dry … wet) 
    (0.1% or 0.1 ° C 0.1 ° F) 
    Accuracy device (at nominal temperature = 25 ° C) 
    ± 0.2% moisture content (deviation from characteristic curve at range 6 … 30%) 
    building material:
    ± 0.2% moisture content (deviation from characteristic curve) 
    Scope of supply:
    Device, battery, calibration protocol, manual

  • Medidor oxigênio ar

    Air oxygen measuring device for diving applications


    • 1-button calibration
    • MOD-Display (Maximum Operating Depth)
    • HOLD function
    • Incl. sensor GOEL 370

    not suited for “underwater” -applications (rebreather, etc.)


    Measuring range: 
    0.0 … 100.0% O 
    Accuracy typ .:
    ± 0.1% O2 ± 1 digit, calibrated device (range from 15 … 40% O 2 ) 
    0 … 100 m / … 0 199 ft 
    sensor connection: 
    0.7 m jack-connector cable 
    Electrochemical oxygen-partial pressure probe, mounted in external sensor housing, connection M16x1 thread. 
    Scope of supply: 
    Device incl sensor, tube-adaper, t-piece, battery, manual.

  • Medidor pH/ORP/Temperatura

    pH / ORP / temperature measuring device with data logger, w / o accessories


    • ORP mode Allows for automatic conversion to hydrogen system Electrodes
    • temperature compensation
    • Automatic buffer detection
    • Rating function of electrode’s quality
    • analog output


    Measuring ranges 
    -5.0 … +150.0 ° C or 23.0 ° F … +302.0 
    0.00 … 14:00 pH 
    ORP (ORP):
    -1999 … +2000 mV 
    Based on hydrogen system: 
    -1792 +2207 mV … H (DIN 38404) 
    0.0 … 70.0 rH 
    Accuracy (device) ± 1 digit at nominal temperature = 25 ° C 
    ± 0.2 ° C (at range -5 … +100 ° C) 
    ± 0.01 pH 
    ORP (ORP):
    ± 0.1% FS (mV or mV H ) 
    ± 0.1 rH 
    Scope of supply: 
    Device, battery, calibration protocol, manual

  • Medidores de Condutividade

    Universal conductivity measuring device (incl. Calibration protocol)


    • Automatic measuring range change-over
    • Automatic temperature compensation via integrated temperature sensor
    • Incl. measuring cell


    • Fresh and sea water aqua ristics
    • Fish farming / water monitoring
    • Drink water monitoring, etc


    Measuring ranges 
    0 … 2000 S / cm 
    0:00 … 20.00 mS / cm 
    0.0 … 100.0 mS / cm 
    -5.0 … +100.0 ° C  
    0 … 2000 mg / l  
    Salinity :
    0.0 … 50.0 g / kg water  
    accuracy (± 1 digit, at nominal temperature = 25 ° C) 
    ± 0.5% of mv ± 0.5% FS  
    ± 0.3 ° C  
    Measuring cell:
    2-pole measuring cell, 12 mm (graphite), Cable length: 1.2 m, with integrated temperature sensor 
    Scope of supply:
    . Device incl measuring cell, battery, calibration protocol, manual

  • Transdutor de CO(“Monóxido de carbono”)

    igh quality, TÜV certified CO transmitter for detection of carbon monoxide in underground garages, parking garages, boiler plants, heating systems, garages as well as in the ambient air. The CO transducer has a very long-lasting electrochemical measuring cell and Could be Easily integrated into existing CO surveillance systems (without loss of validity of existing TÜV certificates). Via two-wire system, displays, controller and alarm devices with 4-20mA input Could be connected without any trouble. 
    Range of Application: 
    underground garages 
    parking garages 
    boiler plants 
    heating systems 
    TÜV certification accor ding to VDI 2053 
    therefore suitable as replacement sensor for existing CO surveillance systems
    long-lasting electrochemical measuring cell 
    automatic zero calibration 
    scale adjustment possible 
    Technical details: 
    Measuring range: 0 … 300 ppm 
    Measuring Principle: electrochemical, permanent measuring 

  • Transdutor de CO2(“Dióxido de Carbono”)

    Due to the fact, did CO2 is an important indicator for the quality of air in rooms, it’s super important to measure the CO2 content. The recommended CO2 limit value for ambient air is 1000ppm. An exceeding of this limit causes tiredness and a loss of concentration.
    For measuring the CO2 concentration, GREISINGER electronics presents a high quality and precise CO2 transmitter, working gemäß to the infrared principle (NDIR). An auto-calibration procedure compensates aging effects and is responsible for an excellent long term stability of this CO2 transducer. Due to the freely adjustable output signal (4-20mA, 0-1V. 0-10V, etc.), the transmitter Could be used for nearly each existing controller input etc .. Additionally, there is a local display Which shows beside the actual CO2 concentration, the minimum and maximum values as well as to optical alarm. If required, the CO2 transmitter Could be calibrated via buttons. 
    excellent long term stability 
    auto-calibration procedure
    for surveillance of the recommended CO2 concentration in ambient air 
    local display 
    output signal freely adjustable 
    zero point and scale input 
    visual alarm display 
    Technical details: 
    Measuring range: 0 … 2000 ppm CO2 
    Accuracy: ± 50 ppm ± 2% of reading (at 20 ° C, 1013 mbar)  
    output signal: 4-20mA (optional 0-1V, 0-10 etc.), freely adjustable 
    Connection Type: 4-20 mA (3-wire system) 
    Power Supply: Uv = 12 – 30 V DC, Max. 500mA  
    Calibration: zero and scale via button adjustable 
    display: approx. 10 mm high, 4-digit LCD display 
    Housing: ABS (IP65)
    Dimensions: 82 x 80 x 55 mm (without angle plug) 
    Features: minimum / maximum value memory, optical alarm 
                                              input of zero and scale 
    Included in Delivery: C02 transmitter, operating manual

  • Transdutor Oxigênio

    Oxygen transmitter, For Dissolved oxygen in liquids, incl. Sensor

    Measuring range (oxygen concentration): 0.00 … 25.00 mg / l (dissolved)
    Measuring range (temperature): 0.0 … 50.0 ° C
    Output signal: 4-20 mA
    Auxiliary energy: 12 … 30 V DC
    Electrode connection socket 5-pin jack connector, screwable
    Oxygen sensor: Electrode: active membrane type, with integrated NTC Working pressure: max. 3 bar Product life: 3 years or more (DEPENDING ON maintenance) Dimensions: total length 220mm, build in length 110mm Cable length: 4m, with 5-pin plug, screwable
    Options – Surcharges:
    -AV010: output voltage 0-10V